Sunday, December 26, 2010


With tears flooding across my cheek
Fighting hard to stop them
Staring at the moon
Remembering her sweet embrace
Writhing in pain
Engulfed in memoirs she has left
Dwelling over the unspoken volumes in my heart
Wondering about the difference it would have made
Had I voiced them
I stay stranded alone and lonely ...

Monday, December 20, 2010


Pampered by love and care
We have learnt only to take
Spoilt by unconditional affection
We have ceased to care for our loved ones
Are they accountable?
For foregoing all their comforts
Are they answerable?
For the innumerable sacrifices they make.
Teaching us to walk
Taking joy in our successes
Tutoring us every aspect of life
Molding us with great care
Yet they ask nothing
But rejoice in our joy
Still they expect little
But little love and care
We selfish brats
Find it hard to spend little time by their side
Feel irritated by their queries
Find them unreasonable
Find their advices irrational
How do we grow into such meaningless beasts, at least many?
Not many in the world are blessed with what we are.
A happy family is a great asset. CHERISH IT.

Monday, November 15, 2010


“Engrossed in life
Captivated by dreams
Charmed by relations
Blindly believing false promises
Confidently stepping ahead
Firmly believing I am backed
Trusting every pat and every nod
Deserted and Dejected now
Blackness engulfing the future
Hope has been long lost
Should have learn t the day you left
If you couldn’t stand by my side …… who else will?

Paying the price for believing blindly
Feeling around like a blind man
Searching for a tiny glimmer of hope
IS the search futile????? “

Sunday, October 10, 2010


On the darkest dusk's
On the warmest dawns
In the wildest pastures
In the best groomed lawns
Where ever I go
Where ever I glance
On the softest pillow
On the hardest ground
In the richest dwellings
In the poorest homes
Where ever I go
Where ever I glance
Debilitated I stand
Vitality I lack
Smiles have long disappeared
Miles have lengthened
Where ever I go
Where ever I glance
The search still continues
As The find will do miracles
In your search I have departed kith and kin
In your search I have departed care and caution
Where ever I go
Where ever I glance
For you carry my happiness
You are my princess

Friday, September 24, 2010


"I have lost count of time
Since that first touch
Since that kind speech
I have lost count of time
Since that first walk
Since that late jog
Today,we have come down a long way on the path called life
I know not the measure of time
I have not known a better touch
I have not known a kinder speech
I have not known a better walk
I have not known a happier jog
Life may have moved on, but for me, time paused itself the moment we became one
For, ever since,
I have known only joy
I have long forgotten what is pain
As I look back along every path
It is your imprint that marks my life at every step"
You are not part of my life but you are my life "

Saturday, August 14, 2010

"Tears of the land of GANGES"

The sacred land of GANGES
The unfathomable land of himalayas
Its my holy motherland - INDIA
She has bravely faced betrayal
She has valiantly stood against injustice
Its my holy motherland- INDIA
TOday she suffers from pain
inflicted by her dear children upon her
She suffers from the pangs of separation
As her children leave her craving for riches
Enticed by their riches
Lured by their customs
Enchanted by their enigmas
Enthralled by their liberties
Leaving behind brothers in blood and arms
Vanquishing hopes nurtured
Leaving behind near and dear
Stifling the long lasting affections
Off they plod away
Plotting to amass plethora of riches
Off they tread away
Along prosperous paths leaving their motherland behind
They fail to realize
Why they are acclaimed everywhere
They fail to understand why they command respect
It is because they are the children of mother INDIA "


Friday, August 13, 2010

" DO I PROPOSE ????? "

"Unsure of what to say
Unable to stop myself from staring at you
Craving to touch you gently
Craving to make you mine
Unsure of your thoughts
Unable to understand your heart
Caught in a maze of thoughts
Confusing me further i find you staring at me
Loving you like never before
Striving to make you mine
Hoping against hope
Praying for your assent
I make umpteenth attempts to bring a smile to your lips
For that smile brings joy to my heart
Your smile never ceases to entice me
It makes my heart leap
I want to be the reason you smile
I want to hold your hand in mine
I want to wipe away your sorrow
I wish to hold you tenderly in my arms
I wish to spend the rest of my life
By your side
I wish to sleep in your lap
Like a child
I wish to be your company
Forever and forever "

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

For my girl :):)

“ As you shun me away
With those tiny palms
As you try to ignore me
While stealing glances as you walk
Your every attempt makes me smile
While my eyes stay transfixed
Your every step draws me to you
While my feet refuse to make a move
Every subtle sign you make
Every simple thing you say
Every small talisman you cherish
Every simple thing you say
Your subtle signs cayse ripples in my heart
While your every word etches itself in my memory
Your petty valuables appear like assets
Your memoirs mark my actions “
For every morning
I wish to wake up
To the warmth of your hug and
The melody of your voice
For every night
I wish to
Lay down and melt away like a child
In your tender arms
What more can I ask off life
What more can I pray for ……

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Every time you play with those strands of hair falling on to your face
I am plunged into sweet mesmerizing thoughts
Every time your cute fingers play around the slender curve on your neck
My fingers crave to touch your neck
Every time your lips break into a smile
My heart aches to whisper out to you
Every time you throw a glance at me
My heart skips a beat
In those slender arms
I seek refuge
In your cute palms
I seek care
In your tender fingers
I seek touch
In your lovely shoulders
I seek a hug

Monday, May 31, 2010


It is one question I can't answer
Your mesmerizing touch
Your soothing words
Your encouraging smile
Your captivating looks
All have become luxuries of yesterday
I yearn for these lost luxuries
I crave for your company
I memorize those sweet times
I cherish those memories
Now you have left my side
Now I stand alone
Years have rolled by
I still stand alone waiting ....
The wait will not cease
The hope shall not die
People wonder why I cant leave you alone
So do you and I
As I probe into my heart

I see your tender fingers in mine asking my love
I see your sweet lips parted in innocence
I see you throwing innocent glances at me
I see your cheeks blushing at the slightest touch
I see your hair in twirls dancing around your ears
I see your hands playing around your pretty face...

Is this why I cant leave you
For, I see you in my every thought
I find you in my every move
I hear you at every step
I miss you from the bowels of my heart....

Saturday, April 3, 2010

" My lass , awaiting ur steps "

“Dragging my bruised feet
Away from the streets
Pulling my eyes
Away from the surrounding gorgeousness
Away I move
Off I go “
“Don’t know where my feet head
Don’t know where my heart is bound
I tread unknown alleys
I step down dangerous lanes
Away I move
Off I go “
“My battered feet just drag on
They bleed on and on
My blemished heart weeps
Following suit are my puffy eyes
Away I move
Off I go “
“Unable to bear your suspicion
Incapable of fighting my own heart
Unable to see my own eyes pierce me
Incapable of showing you my sorrow
Away I move
Off I go “
“Down that lane I have walked for the thousandth time tonight my lass, for that is where I met you my angel so that I can catch a glimpse and convince you, still unable to leave you, my heart and eyes weep and weep. Come and touch me and emancipate me of this burden … “

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Indian Education System

While most of the nation and its leaders are babbling about “Mandatory education for every Indian between 6 and 14 years”, little attention is being paid to the standard of education. Something to cheer about here is that our union education minister Mr.Kapil Sibal has been trying to bring into force a unified education system unifying the best features of the education systems that are functioning across the nation.
Now what crops up in any one’s mind is what is wrong with the education system that has been hailed one of the best in the entire world …. ??? The answer to this will not be found in any of the top class institutes (only the top class ones ) like the IIT’s and the IIM’s or an ISB .. If we look at the major institutions (especially the institutions imparting technical education and management skills). Why should this be a matter of concern to any one …??? The larger concentration of Indian elites come not from the much talked about IIT’s and IIIT’s but from the remaining institutes .What about the standard of education the young guns of the nation are being imparted here. Well, the matter of concern here is not just the syllabus or something, but the way the academic work is carried about...
Emphasis is largely upon the memory of an individual rather than the sharpening an individual’s talents which is actually the essence of education. But this fact is being ignored and most institutes are emphasizing on the memory capability of the students.
What is the whole point of asking a student to remember a formula when it is always available in the book? What is the whole point of asking a student to reproduce what is there in some text book? Therein lies the fault of our education system. A student should be made to understand and analyze giving him the freedom to take up subjects or fields of his interest unconditionally. And the way an individual’s skills should be tested are to be in a way where he finds interest in exhibiting his skills…
If a change as such can be brought about in the education system then India will be buzzing with true talent and will face with only one problem that’s to have surplus skilled young guns.. I am one who wants to see such a change brought about in the education system which has ruined my creativity and made me one amongst many from “1 in many “. Is the youngistan marching wih me …..???????


Monday, February 22, 2010


The day you left my hand
That day I lost my ability to think
The day you spoke those fateful words
That day I lost my sense of listening
The day you made me make that fateful promise
I lost my sense of speech
A lot of time has passed
I have lost all sense of time
Now you want to make up
You want to be in my thoughts
Now you want to whisper lovingly into my ears
The words of passion
Now you ask me to pledge my love to you
Yet again you ask of me the love you have abandoned.
What should I offer?
What can this wounded heart offer you?
Impaired by the loss of your love
Paralyzed by the loss of your company
My heart has ceased to respond
I have lost all my feelings.
But my heart still aches from those sweet memoirs
Those days when you and I were spoken as off one
I feel it is a boon to see you beside me again
I take immense pleasure in walking by your side
Your breath by my side brings in new hopes
Transporting me to the world I can ever be only with you.
My hopes improve with each passing moment
Anxiousness to gain you back builds within the shattered pieces
But my battered soul wards me off
Afraid of the pain it has experienced
If I ever lose you again
I will never be able to recoup myself again.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Learn the truth

Charmed by his innocent looks
Carried away by his impressive demeanor
Enamored by his chastising (imprisoning) vocalizations
Dreaming of his famed humor
Dear lass off you are going, off you are going.

He stands out in the group
He is one in the crowd
He leads many
He has it all, and now you
Dear lass off you are going, off you are going

You complement each other well
So says everyone
You make a good pair
So says everyone
Dear lass off you are going, off you are going
Stop your thoughtless journey
Halt your feet
Turn back towards the path you have trodden
See what has changed
Dear lass stop leaving me, stop leaving me
In my pained eyes
Search for the truth
In my troubled words
Learn the unspoken
Dear lass stop leaving me, stop leaving me

As you look through the past
Search what time has offered
In troubled waters
Who will stand by you?
Dear lass stop leaving me, stop leaving me

Unspoken is the truth
Unbearable is the pain
More than the pain that you have deserted me
I fear about your innocence getting trampled by his deceit
Dear lass stop leaving me, stop leaving me..

As you look back I sit aloof mouthing the unknown prayers for your well being . . Step back if not into my life at least into safety

------------Uday .G