Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Realizing what I mean to U "

" Craved to touch your heart Be your hero Ached to win you over Be your hero I stop myself Wondering why I move away Understanding what I am in your eyes To win you over A heart that is confused To make you feel special A feeling someone else is also trying to invoke " I drop to a slumber Which I have known only once before I shall not be waken from this Like I have been now " -------------Uday Guntupalli

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Is it so easy to say no ?

Opening my heart for you
After assuming I never would
Paving a way for you
After assuming I will never yield the path
Waiting expectantly
After giving up hope
Waiting eagerly
After having found renewed enthusiasm for you
Giving up on thoughts of love
I have travelled along a lonely track
Only to find you
Enticing me back to love
Now I stay confused
Not knowing if the path exists
Now I stand dejected
Not knowing if I have your warmth to accompany me
Filled with depression
Life gets back to gloomy days
Where I carve for your warmth
I cry like a baby for your love
Will you ever truly hold my hand
Is it so easy to say no?
--------- Uday .G

Friday, October 7, 2011

Pleasant walks

Every step that I walk with you
Every moment I spend with you
Is a boon I never prayed for
Is a chance I can never miss
Wishing that these moments last
Hoping that they only lengthen
Endearing such a lovely soul to me
Enveloping me with serenity
With a heart so pure
As fair as the snow
With a smile so innocent
As plain as that of a child
You are a boon
Your company is a blessing
-----uday guntupalli