Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Why I hate to explain myself to you

My attempts to explain myself
My trials to explain my heart
My efforts to open up
My cracks at transparency
All look meaningless
All sound funny
They make me feel like a fool
They leave me confused
When they are meant for you
When they are done for you
It looks like my heart attempts to repeat to itself
It seems that my mind reasserts itself what it is
For long before our souls have united as one
Does all this mean anything ?
---------------Uday. G

" What your company means to me "

" In your wake I have seen true joy
In your company I have experienced true love
In your words I have felt true care
In your looks I have seen true affection

Cherishing each moment spent by your side
Memorizing them even in sleep
Awaiting to credit more such memories
I ache for time that can be spent with you

For I know the value of your presence by my side
I value your presence beyond anything
Bless me with your presence
To cherish for ever"
---------------------Uday. G

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Shattered hopes

" Wishing to walk by your side
Craving to be the one to hold your hand
Trying to win your heart
Taking life away from the bruises we endured
I wanted to be
the reason for your smile
You fear that
you might bring tears to my eyes
Little do you realize
they turn sweet when they are shed for you
But you let bruises of yesterday
shadow my feelings
Willing to walk away
From the heart that beats for you
Deserting the soul
that craved to be yours
Wondering why you fear tomorrow
not even seeing today
I stand at the cross roads
Unwilling to let you go
But hating to force my presence upon you
I drag my feet away
Shedding tears
Bruising myself
Willing to go down the path of pain
Which I am much more familiar with

Sunday, November 6, 2011

" How important you are to me ? "

"Every time you get engrossed in work
i let my imagination run wild
Barely trying to control the countless things I want to share
I let silence rule
Waiting for you to take interest
I let myself lose in thoughts
Barely trying to express the countless feelings I crave to express
For I wish to hold your hand now
Barely being able to blurt all that my heart leaps up for
For I wish to make you mine for ever and ever "
----------Uday Guntupalli

"A life meant for you "

‎"Willing to lay down this life for you
To carve a story of love
Willing to wait at the end of any road
Just to wait to see you walk up for me
Willing to stay alone
To be able to hold you arm gently in mine
Willing to live like this for ever
To be able to see you smile "
-------- uday .g

" A world for you "

" A world has been carved for you Your smile is a boon Your sorrow a curse Your attention a godsend Your negligence an un acceptable pain But your never realize what you mean to me The pain you inflict The negligence you display Tearing me into pieces Destroying a world that was meant for you " When will you realize what you mean to me When my heart bleeds out your name When my world collapses And still amongst the ruins I search for your hand For only that has meaning For only that is soothing ---------------- Uday .G