Monday, August 29, 2011

Anticipation That Paid OFF

Awaiting her glance
Awaiting her call
Agony I have endured
Joy I have forgone
Shackles I have lived with
Suffering I have undergone
Time I have spent alone
Tears I have shed for you
Every moment I would have spent with you
Every moment I spent awaiting your come back
Long waits seem to paid off
Long hours of agony seem distant now
Today, I await your comeback to my side
I anticipate every moment that I wish to spend with you
Will never want to lose you again
To hold your hand forever


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

" Y i stare at you "

The moment your eyes became moist
that moment my heart lost its rhythm
The moment your face lost the smile
that moment life drained out of mine
That charmed smile of yours
Fills my heart with joy
That lively nod of yours
renews with new vigor
Craving your smile
cherishing your content
Celebrating your success
Charmed by your presence

I stand behind watching your step
Loving your grace
Enchanted by your charisma

-----------Uday .G