Tuesday, August 11, 2009

" My motherland"

" Carving for riches 
         Severing the long lasting ties 
   Breaching the trust of my motherland
         Off I wanted to go to a foreign land 
   Unsure though I am of the fortune that awaits 
          Clear in my nature is the avarice 
   Though unsure of what i have offered my motherland 
           Persisting are the questions of what I gained from my holy land 
   An ungreatful brat is what I have been to leave my motherland ." 
       Today tears well my eyes looking at whats lost : 
              The sweet smell of my holy land 
              The unflickering love of my kith and kin 
              All of it is lost and nothing shall return 
Letme leace my last breath hailing my motherland in whose depths I shall rest" 

Saturday, August 8, 2009

My maiden

" Thy charm outbeats that of nature's splendor 
        as you were bathed in the purity of sun's radiance 
   Your hair with all its tangles looked like 
        a brooks water in the dawn 
   Your eyes were shining like diamonds and 
        seemed like knights cutlasses 
   Your lips which were parted innocently 
        looked like a lotus with a droplet at its midst 
   Your persistent efforts to control  your flowing hair bought 
        a pleasent smile to my lips . 
    I immediately took to cursing my race and time for neither of them permit me 
to live that moments ecstacy to eternity"