Sunday, July 19, 2009

"A broken heart"

"Broken are those infinite promises made
Lost are those countless smiles
Shattered are the numerous dreams we dreamt of each other
Broken are the hearts as we part
Lost are our directions to future
Shattered are our lives and left at crossroads
Broken glass,torn cards ,shattered dreams leave me to daze and
cherish my only wealth : our memories those sweet times
which speak off us as one

Thursday, July 2, 2009

" The path I chose "

" I tread the path
not the one that is explored and trodden
but the one which is meant to be ideal
Acclaimed though I am
hardly does anyone follow
neither do they care
Harmed and warned though I am
my soul binds me to the lane
filling me with warmth and confidence that " I am right "
Be it openly or behind my back
I am jeered over and over
for being indifferent to enticements
Wondering if this is the right thing to be done , I look back to find myself left alone in the quest of truth "