Saturday, April 3, 2010

" My lass , awaiting ur steps "

“Dragging my bruised feet
Away from the streets
Pulling my eyes
Away from the surrounding gorgeousness
Away I move
Off I go “
“Don’t know where my feet head
Don’t know where my heart is bound
I tread unknown alleys
I step down dangerous lanes
Away I move
Off I go “
“My battered feet just drag on
They bleed on and on
My blemished heart weeps
Following suit are my puffy eyes
Away I move
Off I go “
“Unable to bear your suspicion
Incapable of fighting my own heart
Unable to see my own eyes pierce me
Incapable of showing you my sorrow
Away I move
Off I go “
“Down that lane I have walked for the thousandth time tonight my lass, for that is where I met you my angel so that I can catch a glimpse and convince you, still unable to leave you, my heart and eyes weep and weep. Come and touch me and emancipate me of this burden … “

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Indian Education System

While most of the nation and its leaders are babbling about “Mandatory education for every Indian between 6 and 14 years”, little attention is being paid to the standard of education. Something to cheer about here is that our union education minister Mr.Kapil Sibal has been trying to bring into force a unified education system unifying the best features of the education systems that are functioning across the nation.
Now what crops up in any one’s mind is what is wrong with the education system that has been hailed one of the best in the entire world …. ??? The answer to this will not be found in any of the top class institutes (only the top class ones ) like the IIT’s and the IIM’s or an ISB .. If we look at the major institutions (especially the institutions imparting technical education and management skills). Why should this be a matter of concern to any one …??? The larger concentration of Indian elites come not from the much talked about IIT’s and IIIT’s but from the remaining institutes .What about the standard of education the young guns of the nation are being imparted here. Well, the matter of concern here is not just the syllabus or something, but the way the academic work is carried about...
Emphasis is largely upon the memory of an individual rather than the sharpening an individual’s talents which is actually the essence of education. But this fact is being ignored and most institutes are emphasizing on the memory capability of the students.
What is the whole point of asking a student to remember a formula when it is always available in the book? What is the whole point of asking a student to reproduce what is there in some text book? Therein lies the fault of our education system. A student should be made to understand and analyze giving him the freedom to take up subjects or fields of his interest unconditionally. And the way an individual’s skills should be tested are to be in a way where he finds interest in exhibiting his skills…
If a change as such can be brought about in the education system then India will be buzzing with true talent and will face with only one problem that’s to have surplus skilled young guns.. I am one who wants to see such a change brought about in the education system which has ruined my creativity and made me one amongst many from “1 in many “. Is the youngistan marching wih me …..???????