Monday, June 29, 2009


Are my dreams
-> my thoughts
->my wishes or
->my unfulfilled desires
Do my dreams
-> potray my ideas
-> remind me of my duties
->provoke and encourage me to achieve
Will I
-> fulfill my dreams
-> make them true
->enjoy their achievement
" I pledge that I shall not let my precious dreams shattered for they involve u my special friend"
--------------Uday. G


Saturday, June 27, 2009


"He who walketh with you at times of need
He who remains as a shadow during your success
He who faces your defeat
He who multiplies your joys
He who endures your sufferings as his own
is thy true friend "

----------------------------UDAY .G




" Are they our link to precious past
Are they proofs of our tumbles and fumbles
Are they our connections to people
Are they bonds which build relations
Are they our paths of introspection
Are they our advisers for better relations
Are they always sweet ?
I wonder if everyone is lucky enough for that .
But no matter how they are every one will have their memories for
only they tell you what you have been "
--------UDAY .G



"They mark every page of my diary
As they have done to everyone
They give me a clear insight of my life
As they have done to everyone's life
They help me pave myself a better future
As they have done to everyone
They help me recognize friend and foe
As they have done to everyone
They help me distinguish prayer and plot
As they have done to everyone
They mirror my reflection
As they have done to everyone
They touch you and me alike
As no one else does "


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Did You ever know what it is to feel desperate…..?

Desperation is

What you find in the loving eyes of a parent who lost their child

What you find in the eyes of a lover who lost his love

What you feel in loosing a dear friend

What you feel when you part away from your carind parents …

Is that what desperation is….?

May be that is not all

A feeling of desolation , hopelessness and fatigue which decorates the eyes of the ones who feel pain for their loved ones, not just when you loose them but when you miss them or see them in pain ……

Monday, June 22, 2009

Who is the real winner?

"Victorious isn't the one
who commands lands of infinite width
who has every pleasure at his feet
who boasts of himself as a myth
who commands the respect of every scholar
who quenches his thirst of every temptation better than an epicure
who annexes every distant vista in life his dreams could show
if he knows not the art of smiling......
For of what use are those riches to a person who kows not to cherish them "

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Why was I speechless?

" Infinite were the words hidden
in my heart waiting to burst out when we meet
Silence was what I maintained
when we met
Many were the words which
tried to make their way out
But none of the words could make it out when we met
How could they
for our eyes spoke way more when they met
They have dried every word which was stored in my heart for you and left me speechless"

Why was I speechless ?


" Her love brought me up
like a pheonix from ashes
Her affection made me pure
like a swan
Her caress made me strong
like a cub brought up by a lioness
Her purity emancipated me from sin
like a holy river does to a devotee
Her frivolity added beauty to me
like a crown would do to a king
She made me what i am
by losing herself to me "


" Every new year is special
It is the perfect occasion
for friends to exchange wishes
for well-wishers to express concern
for lovers to exchange love
for kith and kin to rekindle
It brings smiles to everyone
pleasure to eyes
happiness to hearts
peace to mind
But i t makes me infinitely happy
as every new year brings in moments to be shared,memorised and cherished for a lifetime with u ( shhhh ... a special one ) "



I love solitude because
  • it teaches me to think rationally
  • it brings my mind to peace
  • it helps me understand things
  • it helps me know what i am
  • it helps me know what others are
and above all , it hrlps me understand the importance of staying together

Thursday, June 11, 2009

" I have forgotten to smile
as betrayal beckons me day after day
I have forgotten to smile
as i begin to lose trust
I have forgotten to smile
as i am not cared for
I have forgotten to smile
as i mean nothing to people I care for
I have now forgotten forever to smile because
people whom i care for have ceased caring for me "

" I shall always keep my head high
Never will my head be lowered
Let rumors and accusations rule
Let the facts be hidden
Let stones be pelted
Let grudge and hatred grow
Let failure and criticism prevail
Let punches and kicks blow me up
I shall not lower my head until
flaws touch my heart for i know
" Truth alone triumphs"
" In the dark gloomy skies
came up a lightning so bright
Just as into my gloomy life
came up a hand so daint
The skies brightened
though just for a moment
Just as my life
with that hand fretting out
The skies were filled with darkness
in the next moment
My thoughts were plunged into loneliness
the next instant
It is natural for nature
to play such tricks
But it is so strange
as she still plays on my mind
The nature may be kind enough
to repeat the show
But I wonder if the lord is kind enough to show that angel again and bring back my departed soul ..............................!
-Uday .G
"Tears welled my eyes finally as the day dawned when we need to bade goodbye to each other and part our ways . Though on some day we may meet each other on the course of our journey's but this partition will be written within the precious pages of my memoirs about you , because you are more than just a friend ................."