Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The life meant for you

In this life meant for you
" Long walks in the night
Late talks into the night
Unmatched successes
Unchallenged milestones
All look trivial
All seem meaningless
The most exciting prospects
The most intriguing objects
The most caring companions
The worst loathed rivals
All look lifeless
All seem meaningless
Little can words convey
Plenty stays unspoken
Most things look so insignificant
Most thoughts sound so irrelevant
All of this is due to absence of your company in a life meant for you


Sunday, June 19, 2011

"Special Birthday wishes for my dearest friend "

This day
The sun shall not shine
any brighter than ever
The moon shall not last
any longer then ever
The breeze shall not
be any cooler
The rain shall not
come by as a drizzle
This day may not be special to many
But to me this is the day God has given you to me as a boon for life
Many many happy returns of the day "
-------------Uday .G