Monday, May 31, 2010


It is one question I can't answer
Your mesmerizing touch
Your soothing words
Your encouraging smile
Your captivating looks
All have become luxuries of yesterday
I yearn for these lost luxuries
I crave for your company
I memorize those sweet times
I cherish those memories
Now you have left my side
Now I stand alone
Years have rolled by
I still stand alone waiting ....
The wait will not cease
The hope shall not die
People wonder why I cant leave you alone
So do you and I
As I probe into my heart

I see your tender fingers in mine asking my love
I see your sweet lips parted in innocence
I see you throwing innocent glances at me
I see your cheeks blushing at the slightest touch
I see your hair in twirls dancing around your ears
I see your hands playing around your pretty face...

Is this why I cant leave you
For, I see you in my every thought
I find you in my every move
I hear you at every step
I miss you from the bowels of my heart....