Thursday, November 12, 2009

Charmed by your enthralling looks
Dazzled by your grace
Maiden , O dear maiden

Distracted by your luscious lips
Disarmed by your inviting smile
Maiden ,O dear maiden

Spell bound by your beautiful walk
Mesmerized by your fragility
Maiden, O dear maiden

Your hair do long
Your feet so light
Maiden,O dear maiden

Enchanted by thee
I lay on my knees
Maiden, O dear maiden

I dream of holding your hand
I wish to walk by your side
Maiden, O dear maiden

You have come into my life like a whirlwind
You have changed my destiny
Maiden, O dear maiden

You are in my thoughts
You drive my actions
Maiden, O dear maiden

Will my dreams be fulfilled
Will we walk as a couple
Maiden, O dear maiden

My heart awaits your approval
My feet quiver with anticipation
Maiden, O dear maiden

My words stutter
My feet falter
Maiden, O dear maiden

As every dawn brings new hopes
Every dusk fills me with disappointment
Maiden, O dear maiden

I march restlessly
I walk hopefully
Maiden, O dear maiden

Bless this devotee with your smile
Bless this follower with your heart
Maiden, O dear maiden

I shalll not bleed to death like a coward
But this heart shall await your step till its last beat
Maiden, O dear maiden


This is a mixture of a few of my old poems I presentesd at univ

This is a humble tribute to my motherland from her son
" I shall always keep my head high
Never will my head be lowered
Let rumors and accusations rule
Let facts be hidden
Let rocks be pelted
Let grudge and hatred grow
Let failure and criticism prevail
I shall not lower my head "
" I tread the path
not the one that is explored and trodden
but the one which is meant to be ideal
Acclaimed though I am
hardly does anyone follow
neither do they care
Harmed and warned though I am
my soul binds me to the lane
filling me with warmth and confidence"

Instilling such confidence is my nation
-> the nation which has taught the world culture
-> the nation which has shown what is patience
-> the nation which has taught the world forbearance
-> the motherland which has given birth to the greatest icons of humanity .
" My motherland India"

But unfortunately the children of this great land are :
" Carving for riches
Severing the long lasting ties
Breaching the trust of their motherland
Off I wanted to go to foreign lands
Unsure though they are of the fortune that awaits
Clear in their nature is the avarice
Though unsure of what they have offered their motherland
Persisting are the questions of what they gained from their holy land
Ungrateful brats are what they have been to leave their motherland ."
A day would dawn when
tears well my eyes looking at whats lost :
" The sweet smell of my holy land
The un flickering love of my kith and kin
The unity in diversity , nothing ,
Nothing of it shall return "
We shall all leave our last breaths hailing our motherland in whose depths we shall finally rest"
-Uday .G