Friday, June 29, 2007

Nature And Love

I wonder
why the trees and pastures look very beautiful
once in a while though we see them always.
I wonder
why the moon does not always have the
same charm and grace every day.
Is it nature playing tricks to attract the human heart
Is it the drift in our feelings which judges the beauty of our surroundings.

But ,irrespective of the day ,time and mood why& how does a guy in love finds his dame as charming as ever. I wonder if it is the grace & power of love to whose ominous strength the human heart submits.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Just as life rolls on and on a day as such needs to be marked , for it leaves an everlasting impression not just on your mindbut also on your life.

It is never a meagre casualty
but always a vital incident
It is not just a result of fate
but an important happening
It might not earn a place in pages of history
but always strengthens a relationship
It is not just a meagre event
but always a memorable experience

This is not just a poem but an experience


It is just not a contemporary of darkness
It is just not a resemblance of wisdom
It is just not a meagre symbol against evil
It is just not a resemblance of great history
It is just not an icon of divinty and purity
It is just not a part of the serene nature
But it is the word of immense prowess and strength


Thursday, June 14, 2007

Youngsters can give a glance


The word which has silenced critics
The word which has accomplished countless wonders
The word which has unveiled numerous emotions
The word that made people defy the age old customs
The word which dissolved the differences in society
The word which produced enormous strength
The word which stood apart from various classifications
The word which united you & me is LOVE (supreme power)

Monday, June 11, 2007


A drizzle cannot free me from dizziness
A shower cannot free me from laziness
A torrential rain cannot free me from depression
A flower cannot free mr from dissatisfaction
A bunch of them would fail to free me from depression
A tribute cannot free me from isolation
But a tear from her eyes can make me realize her need and rise to her help

Jus check one more from my pen

I don't trust my dreams
I am only driven by them
I don't live on my dreams
I am lead by them
I don't love my dreams
I am passionate of them
I don't fancy my dreams
I entrust myself to them
I don't dream of my dreams
I dream of making them real

This is a sample :

Hi ,
This is as one of my best phrases . I hope you can really help me out with this. I shall await your reply.

A contest is like a sea
The shores which never meet are victory and defeat
The voyage is like an attempt
The waves are like hardships
The wind is like the luck
Once you begin your journey
You make aan attempt
As you try to fight the waves
you fight the hardships
As you put in your efforts
you test your luck
You can reach the shore only if the wind favours you
Similarly you can emerge victorious only when luck favours you