Friday, February 10, 2012

What makes us special

You love me
I love you
You respect me
I respect you
But what makes us unique
what makes us special
What endears us to each other
What keeps us together
We love each other
for what we are
We love each other
for our good qualities
But more importantly
for our bad ones too
Appreciating each others flaws
Beaming at each others virtues
Taking pleasure in each others company
Setting an example to others
We hold each other
In an embrace of love
we hold each other
In an embrace that shall last forever
-------------Uday Guntupalli

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Why has the pen stopped moving

Seconds have rolled by into minutes
Minutes have rolled by into hours
Hours have rolled by into days
Days have rolled by into months
The nib has stopped scribbling
The ink has stopped flowing
The pen has stopped moving
The pages remain unfilled
Well , why not
I need not brood over anything
For I have you to take care of me
I will never feel alone
For you are always waiting for me
I will never need to fight alone
For your support adds to my strength
I will never need to ask anything more
For I have been gifted with you ....
----------Uday Guntupalli