Monday, June 29, 2009


Are my dreams
-> my thoughts
->my wishes or
->my unfulfilled desires
Do my dreams
-> potray my ideas
-> remind me of my duties
->provoke and encourage me to achieve
Will I
-> fulfill my dreams
-> make them true
->enjoy their achievement
" I pledge that I shall not let my precious dreams shattered for they involve u my special friend"
--------------Uday. G


andamainakalalu said...

why is it that u have questioned ur feelings ??? remove the questions the poem is more beautiful and potrays ur thoughts/feelings to ur special frnd

Pravallika said...
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Pravallika said...

Hey Uday,

Its simply superb!!! great going...keep it up...


uday said...

thanks a lot

Krishna Soumya said...

hey,u r unique in my friends,u r lovely in expressing ur views

uday said...


dasari said...

very nice raaa
u have a brilliant feelings
did u luv any bodyy?
just kidding