Saturday, April 3, 2010

" My lass , awaiting ur steps "

“Dragging my bruised feet
Away from the streets
Pulling my eyes
Away from the surrounding gorgeousness
Away I move
Off I go “
“Don’t know where my feet head
Don’t know where my heart is bound
I tread unknown alleys
I step down dangerous lanes
Away I move
Off I go “
“My battered feet just drag on
They bleed on and on
My blemished heart weeps
Following suit are my puffy eyes
Away I move
Off I go “
“Unable to bear your suspicion
Incapable of fighting my own heart
Unable to see my own eyes pierce me
Incapable of showing you my sorrow
Away I move
Off I go “
“Down that lane I have walked for the thousandth time tonight my lass, for that is where I met you my angel so that I can catch a glimpse and convince you, still unable to leave you, my heart and eyes weep and weep. Come and touch me and emancipate me of this burden … “


g said...
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g said...

Come and touch me//

touch chesavu po!-vamsee

previous comment was deleted by me itself dont worry!A small spell mistake so!

soumya said...

hey uday!! such a lovely feel in your poem.. its really awesome..

uday said...

@ soumya : thanks a lot

Swetha said...

really lively...

creative said...

really awesome.........! feel is so nice.....

Amit said...

hmmm..super ra..