Friday, August 13, 2010

" DO I PROPOSE ????? "

"Unsure of what to say
Unable to stop myself from staring at you
Craving to touch you gently
Craving to make you mine
Unsure of your thoughts
Unable to understand your heart
Caught in a maze of thoughts
Confusing me further i find you staring at me
Loving you like never before
Striving to make you mine
Hoping against hope
Praying for your assent
I make umpteenth attempts to bring a smile to your lips
For that smile brings joy to my heart
Your smile never ceases to entice me
It makes my heart leap
I want to be the reason you smile
I want to hold your hand in mine
I want to wipe away your sorrow
I wish to hold you tenderly in my arms
I wish to spend the rest of my life
By your side
I wish to sleep in your lap
Like a child
I wish to be your company
Forever and forever "

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