Wednesday, July 14, 2010

For my girl :):)

“ As you shun me away
With those tiny palms
As you try to ignore me
While stealing glances as you walk
Your every attempt makes me smile
While my eyes stay transfixed
Your every step draws me to you
While my feet refuse to make a move
Every subtle sign you make
Every simple thing you say
Every small talisman you cherish
Every simple thing you say
Your subtle signs cayse ripples in my heart
While your every word etches itself in my memory
Your petty valuables appear like assets
Your memoirs mark my actions “
For every morning
I wish to wake up
To the warmth of your hug and
The melody of your voice
For every night
I wish to
Lay down and melt away like a child
In your tender arms
What more can I ask off life
What more can I pray for ……


DILSE said...

nice post buddy! :)

uday said...

@vamsee : thanks dude

rakesh said...

gud post

uday said...


Swetha said...

Nicely put words..