Monday, December 20, 2010


Pampered by love and care
We have learnt only to take
Spoilt by unconditional affection
We have ceased to care for our loved ones
Are they accountable?
For foregoing all their comforts
Are they answerable?
For the innumerable sacrifices they make.
Teaching us to walk
Taking joy in our successes
Tutoring us every aspect of life
Molding us with great care
Yet they ask nothing
But rejoice in our joy
Still they expect little
But little love and care
We selfish brats
Find it hard to spend little time by their side
Feel irritated by their queries
Find them unreasonable
Find their advices irrational
How do we grow into such meaningless beasts, at least many?
Not many in the world are blessed with what we are.
A happy family is a great asset. CHERISH IT.


compadre said...

keka mamaa.. :) luved it ra

Mamatha said...

Very true Uday. Super ga rasavu...