Tuesday, January 11, 2011


“The day that I shall dread
For years to come
The day when I shall leave the place
Where I have learnt what life is
The day when I shall set out in search of a new home
Away from the one that has been my home
The day when I shall walk alone
Far away from the group of which I have been a part off”

“I have understood what life is
I have learnt what friendship is
I have learnt the joy in giving
I have learnt the ways of the cruel & treacherous
I have understood how it feels to be cheated
I have learnt what love is
I know how it feels to be loved
I know how it feels to be left out
I know what all this means “

“I stare with puffy eyes
I am wrapped up in my feelings
I still wonder “WHY I NEVER TOLD YOU OR YOU TO ME? “
Now there is none to blame
I carry the burden of our separation
Dreaming how it would feel to rest my head in your lap
Or to have yours on my shoulders
I might never get to know, Will I????


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